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I was extremely bored and tired last,  so I decided to catch up a movie. After browsing through a few channels, I finally got hooked to one (I do not want to name the movie). After a while I was so involved in it, I felt  even more tired,sad, angry,upset and finally broke down to tears. Oh! I just couldn’t sleep. Why did I punish myself for something that was just fiction, I wondered. Emotions such as fear, anger and frustration are energies that we potentially tend to catch from people without even realizing it. We tend to become an emotional sponge, which reflects in our mood throughout the day. I don’t know whether this was something I naturally had in me, or my mother’s death triggered my emotional side, but I do admit being extremely emotional can be very distressing at times. It does affect my relationships with people, my work and also creates a lot of self-esteem issues. Negative energies can originate from various sources, some from others and some from our own unresolved issues. What your feeling may not be your own, but a result of an emotion you just caught up from a friend. Do you absorb other people’s emotions too? How do you deal with it?


Dr. Judith Orloff, tells everyone who’s ever been labeled as “overly sensitive” how to keep your energy high, even in negative or frustrating situations.


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The Ugly Truth

This is with reference to an article I read by Seema Goswani in HT Brunch. The article was not only written well but also quite thought provoking..Social Networking, being the No.1 medium of communication these days, People do try to find friendship or love online, the first criteria being “A Pretty Face”. When it comes to love beautiful people tend to gravitate towards others of their kind but does that mean it is a crime to date a person whose a little darker, or a little shorter or less beautiful?? In case of Indians, most Men would always want to date a girl whose fair and slim. Most girls do face a problem when it comes to their Marriage, they are mounted with face packs or Uptans and massages so that they look fairer. I mean hello, if that would have worked I would have been as white as a Swan today!! Very rarely would you find  an Ugly man /women with a beautiful lover. Unless of course his/her bank balance is extremely attractive. Damn! Then What about True Love? I’m  sure there are people who do fall for the person and not their face. And how much ever we deny or protest , the fact still remains that most of us are conditioned to seeing good-looking people as our prospective friends,lovers etc We still have this “Oh! My Gawd..What does she/he see in him/her?? ” kinda feeling when we see an extra-ordinary pair which is very rare to find these days..Lets face it, we are used to seeing beauty paired with beauty and that’s how the World works.. But giving a try to something extra-ordinary would also not be a bad idea.. For a change, set aside physical beauty and you never know, you might just end up with someone you always wanted! As someone said, Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.  🙂

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